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a fic about someone with prosopagnosia recognizing superheroes because they don’t remember people by their faces, but by their voice, posture, or mannerisms, which don’t change and can’t be disguised

"Prosopagnosics often learn to use "piecemeal" or "feature-by-feature" recognition strategies. This may involve secondary clues such as clothing, gait, hair color, body shape, and voice." i want this au so bad now

high-pitched shriek of want

Prosopagnosic villains who work closely with the superhero’s alter ego knowing immediately after the first confrontation and using it mercilessly!! Manipulating them and getting close to them only to use their deepest secrets to destroy them.

The best friends of the superhero who has prosopagnosia and the first time they see footage of the superhero on tv they’re so confused because they know that voice and posture and the way they bite their lips or run a hand through their hair or fiddle their hands or any of another million things and at first it’s a little difficult to put together but, well, the superhero is on tv all the time and it’s their best friend and they figure it out soon enough and become the super helpful side kick and of course they’d be perfect to help with discovering who the villain is (if said villain has an alter ego).

Superheroes themselves with prosopagnosia and they’re just starting out their vigilante career, unsure of themselves and nervous and desperately wanting to help people, so they watch footage of other superheroes, new and old, over and over, trying to learn how things are done, and then when they’re walking down the street one day or sitting in a coffee shop or browsing in the library or dancing at a club, they see someone who is so familiar but not at the same time…

This idea is beautiful and I love it and you for thinking it up. *-*

Ohmolly, I cannot stop this is just too great!

Imagine any one of these having to mimic a superhero for some reason (villain wants to create havoc under their name, bff trying to help alter ego escape suspicion, superhero covering for another superhero when they’re outta commission) and they can wear a mask to hide the face, of course, but the rest of it comes almost naturally because this is how they see the world, in mannerisms and body movements and the way people talk. This is the way they see things and other people see things like that too, even if it’s subtler and more subconscious, and all those extra little details go a looong way in making them a highly convincing duplicate of whichever superhero they’re mimicking (which can be either disaster or salvation depending on the situation).

Someone with prosopagnosia creating a super secret database of superheroes/villains and their alter egos and at first it’s small, just people they recognize off the street and maybe find their names through some investigation. When it’s a villain, they drop a tip with one of the superheroes they’ve already identified, but they need a way to keep it organized so they start the database and soon it becomes kind of a hobby, with them keeping up to date on all the latest superhero news stories. At first their help was too subtle and lowkey to really generate any notice but soon they’ve identified quite a few villains and it’s hard to keep yourself anonymous with superheroes about and they become kind of generally recognized among superheroes as the person to go to if you want any information (which makes them start expanding the database from just alter egos to other things, like crime patterns and stuff). But they’re also known in the villain community and it’s dangerous, of course it’s dangerous, so the superheroes have to keep an eye on them and keep the villains away and they basically become this hub of information all because one day, on the street, they saw the things no one else could and decided to do something with it.

okay, that last one is absolutely my favourite!